hi, my name is emily and i teach students different ways to find grounding amidst the ever present groundlessness of life. the experience of grounding is a feeling, a connection, an internal knowing — like a plug in a socket, you know when you’ve found the right fit. i believe yoga is ultimately for the mind — the body is easy to manipulate and when you manipulate the body you manipulate the mind. i love exploring organization, art, discipline, habits, metaphor and nature with asana, pranayama, meditation and conversation. this is my practice.

in class we work with measure, shape, direction, current, breath, vision. we use props as scaffolding to enhance the structure of our postures, personal fits to create leverage and through repetition we see patterns that bring forward to new insights about ourselves. 


10 hour | taoism| the sudio

10 hour | pranayama | the sudio

10 hour | adjustments | the sudio

30 hour | katonah yoga | the sudio

10 HouR | teaching privates | the sudio

10 hour | bija mechanics | the yoga bar

200 ryt | move your hyde

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